Total Land Management

Total Land Management has been helping land owners, hunt clubs, and hunting outfitters achieve their goals and dreams since 1984. Tom Mesnard the owner of TLM has a very different approach on Hunting Land Management. The TLM system is really in a league of its own having helped 1000’s hunters in 27 states. Habitat gimmicks do not help you consistently harvest mature bucks. The answer to consistency dose not come in a food plot seed bag or a hinge cut tree. Managing your hunting property to consistently harvest mature bucks is so much more than Habitat. I tell clients all the time “Its not WHAT it’s WHERE you put it and HOW you HUNT it”. The TLM system is a two-part system consisting of part A. “The hunting plan” and part B. “The habitat plan”. The two plans must work hand in hand or they will fail.

TLM owner Tom Mesnard has taken 34 bucks that score over 130” from five states, 13 of them having come from public land. He hunts where you hunt, on properties like you hunt.

 Below are the states, and provinces in Canada, Tom has consulted in.

The Total Land Management System is a two-part system that has worked is 27 States and Canada. Tom’s goal when setting up a hunting property is not to help you harvest A “once in a lifetime buck”. But to help you harvest once in a lifetime BUCKS every year. Consistency.!   That is exactly what Tom has been helping hunters do for over 30 years.