Total Land Management Team member
Kyle Meyer downs a 171" Michigan Giant.!!

Team TLM member Rodney with his 2013 Monroe County Michigan Giant.!

Ohio client Rick Sanner takes this monster 2013 Ohio buck With a bow.!

Welcome To Total Land Management

TLM is a Consulting Service that Makes Hunting and Habitat Plans for Whitetail Hunting Properties, Farms, Hunting Leases and Hunting Clubs Big and Small. We have been consulting on hunting and habitat plans for hunting properties in over 15 states and Canada since 1984. If your goal is to Grow Hold and Harvest Mature Whitetail Bucks consistently on your hunt club, hunting property or hunting lease you have come to the original small acreage Land Management consulting service. Back in 1984 when Tom Mesnard started out consulting on small farms around his Chelsea home, most hunters and biologists thought it could not be done on small acreage (less than 500ac)… Tom started experimenting with habitat improvement and manipulation as well as food plots back in 1982 (before “food plot” seed was sold) and has developed planting techniques to save hunters time and money when planting food plots. Tom now consults on hunting properties all over the US and Canada each winter.

Total Land Management also provides hunters with one of the most extensive Whitetail Hunters Boot Camp Classes available anywhere. Spending time in a class room setting learning exclusive sent control and hunting techniques as well as walking over 1,000 acres of Tom’s personal  hunting properties ranging from 10 – 200ac. In this walk some of things we go over are things such as habitat manipulations, food plots, how to pick entry and exit trails as well as stand locations and how to fine tune them. Tom Started doing the Boot Camps after talking with Gene Wensel at the Traditional Bow Hunters Expo in Michigan. Gene and Barry Wensel of Iowa are the fist guys anywhere to teach Whitetail Hunters Boot Camp classes. Tom now shares his land management and hunting techniques with around 200 hunters a year in his own Whitetail Hunters Boot Camp classes.

Tom Mesnard owner of Total Land Management with 11 of the 16 record book bucks he has taken from Michigan in the last 12 seasons, 5 of the 16 came from public land. He has taken 9 more out of state 8 of them coming from public ground. He has 25 trophies mounted total, all but 3 where taken with archery equipment. Tom has taken 20 deer that would score over the P&Y min.  He has never hunted with an outfitter or hunted from a stand/blind he did not set himself. He has never been on a guided hunt or hunted large private ground. Amazingly, his largest MI buck came off only 16 acres.

The 6 bucks in this picture came off 16 acres in 7 years. They all would make P&Y min. The top three score 175”NT, 168”TP and 156”TP.  They where taken in back to back to back seasons. If I can grow and harvest deer like this in MI on 16 acres I feel I can do it anywhere. I have been setting up and consulting on hunting properties since I was 14 years old. I would do it for hunting permission when I was younger. I have been consulting as my job since 1990 when I got out of school. I have over 25 years experience. I have been planting wildlife food plots for almost 30 years. The Total Land Management Team has set up and consulted on 1,000’s of properties in 10 US States and in Canada.

I let my clients results speak for themselves. I have many happy clients all over the U.S. and Canada. After all it does not matter if I kill big deer every year if YOU, my clients, don’t..!!

These bucks have all been shot off one small farm in Peirce Co. Wisconsin since 2008

I help my clients kill once in a lifetime bucks every year.!!


This is a buck taken by one of my Wisconsin Clients last season. One year after I went to their hunting property and did a land management plan for them. We found one of this guy’s sheds while I was there and they took him this season, “08”. He may be the largest typical taken in North America for the 2008 season. He will score around 198”.


This is Wyat Harmon with his 2008 buck, and his proud dad Scott Harmon. This is Wyat’s first buck..!  We at Total Land Management treat our clients like family. I give you my word I will help you make your dreams of a life time happen on your hunting property. Because as hunters we all know no matter it be a 200” state records buck or your son or daughters first deer, they are all once in a life time memories… that are priceless.  We will take you and your hunting property to the highest level.  What’s just as important is we will do it a fair price and treat you right all the time…every time.

We will show you how to grow, hold, and harvest mature bucks on your hunting land. We will teach you hunting techniques that help you to be consistent on mature bucks. Tom has spent over 300 days a year in the woods consulting, developing land management, food plot and hunting techniques for mature bucks since 1990. You will not find anyone with more experience. A hunting and land management plan from T.L.M. is the best money can buy.

We also provide hunters with a one of kind Whitetail Hunters Boot Camp. It is a class designed for experienced hunters ready to take their hunting land and hunting skills to the highest level. We teach not just hunting and land management techniques but a whole new way of thinking or looking at hunting mature whitetail bucks. It is a intense but relaxed atmosphere that is simply the best class out there at a very fair price.. Check out the Boot camp page for more info.


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