TLM System Plan

Part A. The Hunting Plan

Every property is different no cookie cutter hunting plans. The way I would layout to hunt your property is different than the way I would hunt your neighbors. Every property is very unique and I enjoy figuring out the most efficient way to hunt each property. This is something I have exceled at over the last 30 years. One thing I have learned “there is never only one way to do anything.”

While Tom is walking your property all Stand locations,entry and exit trails, food plots, and all habitat improvements will be markedwith color coded paint, flags, and ribbons.

When Tom comes to your property he is NOT first looking for where to put bedding cover, food plots, or habitat improvements. What he is looking for is what is the most efficient way to hunt your land. In other words. How do we get around on this property without bumping deer? How do we keep them knowing every time we come and go to hunt your property? Tom is looking for stand locations we can get to and the ways we will take to get to and from the stands without bumping deer.  Tom will do seminars while at your property. Covering NEW scent control, hunting, trail camera, food plot, and, habitat techniques. He will show you the products he uses and how he uses them.

Part B. The Habitat Plan

While walking your property Tom will mark for habitat solutions, improvements, and manipulations with color coded ribbons, Paint, and flags. No cookie cutter approach here. Each property needs different things to make it the best it can be. Every property is very unique and is set up very differently. Tom will mark where to put food plots, water holes, mineral sites, TSI, logging (if needed). Don’t want to cut all your trees? Tom says that 60 percent of the properties he consults on he does not even mark trees to be cut for cover. Some properties Have to much cover. Tom will also explain how improve on natural forage. He will show you the plants already growing on your land that wildlife love to eat and bed in. Tom will explain what to plant in each food plot that he marks and how to plant it. He will discuss native grass plantings, fruit and nut trees and where to put them (if needed). He will discuss tree and shrub planting (if needed).  He will explain why we are putting things in the places has marked and how it will work for you. Habitat such as bedding cover or food plots placed in the wrong places on your property CAN and DO work against you.

Above pictures are of a no till food plot, water hole, and mineral site. The stand location is 60 yards from this plot. It’s NOT a kill plot. Although it could shot with a gun. Tom does not like the term “KILL PLOT”.

Tom feels Kill plots are bait piles & mature bucks offten avoid them.

Habitat improvment is much like toppings on a pizza. They are importent but, if you have a burnt crust and bad sauce it will not matter what toppings you have. Without a good “hunting plan” it will not matter what your food plots or bedding cover look like. Ask your self this. How many people do you know, that have food plots but don’t kill big deer?

Tom really doesn’t use the term “Kill Plot”. I don’t like to shoot deer in plots. If you do it’s nothing more than a bait pile. That said good Food plots placed in the right places can not only help your hunting, but grow big healthy deer faster.

I show my clients very effective and inexpensive ways to plant plots.

A lot of the plots I plant today are still no till. Meaning I need only hand tools to plant them. Remember I started planting plots at age 12. I did not have the big equipment I have now.

Water is a must on every hunting property. Water and cover in my opinion may be the most important habitat components on any hunting property. There are many ways to attack water issues.

Food Plot Seed and Mineral, it is not all the same.

HB Seed Co. The Best There Is Period.

HB Seed is the freshest seed in the industry. HBS Mineral Booner Max is the best mineral money can buy. But what is even more important to me is this. HBS customer service is the best in the industry period.!

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